Top 3 Reasons why you should book a Professional Family Photography Shoot

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There are of course many reasons why you should book a Professional Family Photo Shoot, but here are my Top 3 


1. Get in the photo's, be in the memories

Several years ago my youngest daughter was wandering around the house, looking wide-eyed at all our holiday frames/pictures and she asked "Mummy - where are you?" 

It was true, I didn't feature, in fact I used to joke "the girls will think they didn't have a Mummy when they're older ".

Obviously I was always behind the camera and actually hate having my photo taken so actively avoided being in any shots anyway!

So when she asked "where are you",  I made a mental note to get in more pictures..and not just selfies of course.

So for those like me, who are either camera shy or like to take the pictures...know that booking with a professional photographer will mean you will be put at ease, you will hopefully even forget you're having your photograph taken and will have some gorgeous family shots to cherish...with you in them! 

It is a proven fact (apparently) that having pictures around the house can boost self esteem....I don't know about the science behind that, but I do know that pictures evoke feelings and memories and that's got to be a good thing.



2. It's Fun!

The session itself is fun. It can be a real family bonding experience. When was the last time you all had a family pile on or a group hug or your children gave each other a piggy back?

Sessions with me are both relaxed and fun, capturing special moments between you. Of course there needs to be some direction & posing to avoid snapshots and chaos and this is where my experience & studio setting can make the difference. 

There is often one member of a family who arrives, either nervous or reluctant, but by the end they are all joining in and loving it. 

I make it my job to ensure you all have a fab time whilst creating special memories for you.


3. The ideal gift!

No doubt a photography session itself (as a voucher) or prints/frames from a professional shoot make wonderful gifts. These can be for birthdays, anniversaries, christmas or just because. I'm pretty sure our Daddys and Grandads already have plenty of socks, our Mum's, Grandma's and Aunty's have enough scarves & perfume. Photographs or photography sessions really are a great alternative and will notch up some pretty big brownie points too - I'm sure of it. 

Family members of all ages can be included in sessions.


If you would like any further information on my Family Sessions, please contact me via my website and I will be more than happy to help.


Love Kirsty x









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